Formula racer – Graduate from beginner all the way up to Formula 1 Master in this high-octane racing challenge with attitude! Formula Racer 2012 is a cool Formula 1-style racing car game where you race against the computer on a series of authentic, high-speed circuits. Make your way through the racing ranks, unlock new tracks, and sit behind the wheel of Formula 1 cars of different designs & eras in this addicting high speed driving activity.

Test your quick reactions, reflexes and observation skills, and leave star-struck opponents in your wake. Perform classic overtaking moves, cut across dangerous corners and Boost your way to the front of the pack to take the Checkered Flag. Slick driving skills, car control and good decision making under pressure are vital as you have to take corners at break-neck speed. Your race strategy has to be aggressive as you start at the back of the grid in each race. Make sure you approach bends at the optimum angle to improve your chances of overtaking the next car. Happy Formula racing!Explore the latest games here yepi games

Formula Racer is the ultimate Formula 1 challenge. Drive your racing car around the track and try to achieve the best time. Race against the best drivers and try to make it into the top rankings. Control your vehicle with arrow keys and press space to use the boost.

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